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Sauti Project is a new 5-year USAID-funded award being implemented

by Jhpiego-Tanzania in collaboration with partners EngenderHealth, PACT and NIMR/Mwanza. The goal of Sauti Program is to contribute to the improved health of all Tanzanians through a sustained reduction in new HIV infections in support of the Government Tanzania through deploying new, and/or enhancing existing, vulnerability-tailored high-quality combination HIV prevention; positive health, dignity and prevention (PHDP); and family planning (FP) services for key and vulnerable populations (KVP) in selected regions of Tanzania.
The National Institute of Medical Research – Mwanza Medical Research Center (NIMR-Mwanza Center) as partner of the Sauti Program under Jhpiego has the following vacant positions in Mbeya, Iringa, Shinyanga and Dar es Salaam. ALL positions are for a contract of 45 days.
Position: Senior Research Fellow [Team leaders /supervisors] 1 position in each of the following regions – Mbeya, Iringa, Shinyanga and Dar es Salaam.
The senior research fellow is expected to have at least three years’ experience in leading qualitative research teams and conducting in-depth interviews and focus group discussions. S/he must be able to write field reports from qualitative research. The Senior Research Fellow (team supervisor) is responsible for overview and managing field work.

The following are specific roles of Senior Research Fellow:
Responsible for day to day coordination of the field work activities including community engagement activities. This includes pre-field community mobilization visits, field logistics, field data collection, etc.

-Ensure that research fellow adhere to the approved standard operating procedures (SOP) including, recruitments of study participants, administration of information sheets and informed consent forms, and reporting of any adverse effect.
-Respond to any issues of concern from research fellow (interviewers) and study participants.
-Supervise administration of informed consents and ensure proper storage of dully filled informed consent forms. Thoroughly review of the completeness of the data collection forms following data collection exercise.
-Prepare the agenda and organize the weekly meeting for site research members assessing progress and challenges. Ensuring that all audio-files and completed data collection forms are submitted through the file transfer protocol as required on a timely manner.
-Report any protocol violation and report to the Co-PI or Lead Investigator as per protocol violation SOP. Prepare and submit weekly reports to NIMR /Co-PIs.
-Perform any other relevant duties assigned by the co investigators or lead researcher on behalf of the NIMR Mwanza Director.
-Resolve any disputes that may arise among team members (research fellows), report how disputes were settled.

Required qualifications
-At least a Bachelor degree in social science [preferred BA in Sociology or Anthropology.] or equivalent level with proven research skills. Master’s degree will be an added advantage.
-Three years research experience preferably in conducting qualitative field studies, and preferably among socially marginalized groups.
-Proven experience and skills in supervising field research team.
-Ability to engage with community leaders, local government and program implementers, and stakeholders working with key populations.
-Readiness to work at nights, weekends or any other time convenient to the study participants. Excellent written and oral communication skills in English and Kiswahili.

positio:  Research Fellow [Interviewers] 4 positions in each of the following regions – Mbeya, Iringa, Shinyanga and Dar es Salaam.

A research fellow is an experienced researcher with proven roles in conducting quality in-depth interviews, focus group discussions and writing field notes. S/he must be conversant with qualitative research, particularly IDI and participatory data collection methods such as Focus Group Discussions or Participatory Group Discussions (PGDs).
The specific roles of the research fellow will be t

-Provide information to study participants regarding the study and answering all questions that participants may have before collecting data.
-Obtain an informed consent from interviewees prior to participation. Conduct in depth interviews with all eligible participants.
-Properly labelled audio-taped information as required by the lead researcher and timely submit to the team leaders all audio recorded data and duly filled data collection forms.
-Thoroughly check and remove any errors in labelling to avoid confusion prior to submission of data to the server through File Transmission Protocol [FTP).
-Write comprehensive field notes based on the interviews conducted. Attend meeting that will be organise by the supervisors and provide feedback on the fieldwork as required by the supervisor.
-Ensure that data collection tools and equipment are properly maintained /kept.
-Perform any other relevant duties assigned by the study lead on behalf of study Co-PIs or the Director of NIMR Mwanza.

Required qualifications
-A minimum of Bachelor degree in social science [preferably BA in Sociology or Anthropology.]
-Two years research experience preferably someone who has participated in conducting qualitative research studies especially among socially marginalized groups.
-Ability to work effectively with minimal supervision, adhere to set priorities, standards and deadlines. Readiness to work at nights, weekends or any other time convenient to the study participants.
-Excellent written and oral communication skills in English and Kiswahili.
-Applications for senior research fellows and research fellows should include:
-Letter of application with details of how you meet the essential and desirable criteria and your reasons for wanting to apply for the post.
-A daytime mobile telephone number and e-mail contact details.
-Curriculum vitae (CV) including names and addresses of three referees (two must be from your most recent employers).
--Copies of all relevant certificates and qualifications must be enclosed.

Closing date for applications
Applications received later than 24th January 2017 will not be considered.
Shortlisted applicants will be informed by phone call for interview processes.
Please not that priority will be given to those who have previous worked with NIMR or any other institutions of the Sauti consortium.

Mode of application:
If you feel you are the right candidate, apply in confidence, indicating the post you are applying for on top of the envelope/email subject and preferred region. All applications should be addressed to:
To apply please indicate the position title on the envelop/subject line of your e-mail. Applications should also include an up-to-date CV with three contactable professional references, a cover letter and your salary history. Applications
which do NOT include ALL of these elements will NOT be considered.
The application should be addressed to:
Director of Human Resource
Plot 72, Block 45B, New Bagamoyo Road – Victoria
PO Box 9170
Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

send the application through email at:
Please note that only shortlisted candidates will be contacted. The closing date for applications is after two weeks
from first appearance of this Advert.

Friday, January 6, 2017

Fursa 150 Zinazoweza Kukupa Mafanikio Maishani

1. Kununua Mashine za kukoroga zege na
2. Kununua Mashine za kukata vyuma na
3. Kutengeneza na kuuza matofali
4. Ufundi, Website updating/Database: Katika
Halmashauri, Manispaa, Mashule, Wizara, Wilaya
na Makampuni mbalimbali.
5. ** Kuanzisha kituo cha redio na televisheni
6. Kufunga na kutengeneza vifaa mbalimbali vya
electroniki na mawasiliano mfano; compyuta na
vifaa vya compyuta na mawasiliano.
7. ** Kuuza software; mfano Antivirus, Operating
Systems, Pastel, Tally, Myob, n.k
8. Kushona na kuuza nguo.
9. Kufungua Duka la kuuza nguo mpya; suit, socks,
batiki, nguo za asili, Mashuka, Mashati, Suruali,
10. Ufugaji wa mifugo mbalimbali mfano Kondoo,
Mbuzi, Ng’ombe, Kuku, Bata, na wengine.
11. Kufungua stationery, kuuza (supply) vitabu na
vifaa mbalimbali ktk mashule na vyuo.
12. ** Kutoa ushauri mbalimbali wa Kitaalamu.
13. Kuuza viazi, mahindi, mihogo, kutengeneza
popcorn na kuziuza.
14. Kusajili namba za simu na kuuza vocha
15. Kuwa na mradi wa Pikipiki zisizotumia mafuta
na zinazotumia mafuta
16. ** Kilimo cha mazao mbalimbali kulingana na
hali ya hewa ya sehemu husika.
17. Kuuza Mitumba
18. ** Kusimamia miradi mbalimbali
19. Kufungua duka la kuuza mitambo mbalimbali
20. Kufungua banda la chakula na chips
21. Kukodisha turubai viti na meza
22. Kufungua Supermarket
23. Kufungua Saluni
24. Kufungua Bucha
25. Video Shooting & Editing.
26. ** Kufungua Internet cafe
27. Duka la kuuza matunda
28. Kufungua duka la kuuza vifaa vya simu za
mkononi na landline.
29. Kufungua duka la vifaa vya ujenzi; cement, vifaa
vya umeme, duka la mabati
30. Kutengeneza michoro mbalimbali ya majumba na
miradi ya ICT
31. Kuchapa vitabu, bronchures, n.k
32. Kuanzisha kampuni ya ujenzi (Building
33. Kuuza Vifaa vya umeme wa nishati ya jua
(solar) ,battery, inverter na vifaa vingine vya
solar n.k
34. ** Kuuza maji kwa jumla na rejaleja.
35. Kutengeneza na kuuza Unga wa lishe bora.
36. Kukodisha Music
37. Kuanzisha Mradi wa Taxi
38. ** Kuanzisha mradi wa Daladala
39. Kuuza vifaa vya Kompyuta, laptops, converters,
HDDs, Monitors, Softwares, CD Copiers na vifaa
40. ** Kununua magenerator na kukodisha
41. Kufungua kampuni ya kutoa huduma za simu
42. ** Kufungua kampuni ya kutoa huduma za
internet (ISP)
43. Kuuza mabati na vigae
44. Kujenga apartments
45. ** Kufungua Kisima cha mafuta ya taa au
mafuta ya aina zote
46. Kufungua Duka la samaki
47. Kufungua Duka la nafaka
48. ** · Kufungua Shule za Awali, Shule za Msingi,
Sekondari na Vyuo.
49. Kujenga hostel
50. Kuuza vocha na ving’amuzi vya DStv, Zuku,
Startimes, Easy TV, TNG, Digitech, Continental.

51. ** · Kujenga mtambo wa kuzalisha umeme na
kuuza katika viwanda na wananchi.
52. Ufundi simu
53. Kufungua Hospitali, Zahanati.
54. Maabara ya Macho, Meno
55. ** Kuchimba/Kuuza Madini
56. ** Kufungua ofisi ya kutoa huduma ya simu na
57. Kuuza miti na mbao
58. Kufungua Grocery, bar
59. Kufungua studio ya kupiga na kusafisha picha
60. ** Kucharge simu/battery
61. Duka la TV na vifaa vingine
62. Kuanzisha biashara ya kuuza vyakula katika
sherehe na tamasha mbalimbali (catering).
63. ** Banda la kupigisha simu
64. Kuuza na kushona Uniform za shule
65. Kuanzisha duka la kuuza vitu kwa jumla.
66. Kufungua gereji za kutengeneza bajaji, pikipiki na
67. Kuuza vyuma, pembejeo, rake, jembe
68. Kuuza fanicha
69. Kufungua sehemu ya kuziba pancha za matairi
ya magari na mitambo.
70. Kujenga nyumba za kulala wageni (hotel)
71. Kuagiza na kuuza vifaa vya aluminium.
72. Kuuza vioo
73. Kushona na kukodisha nguo za harusi
74. ** Kufungua yard kwa ajili ya kuosha magari
75. Kuuza mashine za kuchomelea (welding
76. Kuuza vifaa vya kuvaa Site (boots, helmets etc)
77. ** Kununua mabasi kwa ajili ya kusafirisha
78. Kufungua studio ya kutengeneza vipindi vya
redio na televisheni
79. ** Kuanzisha ofisi ya michezo ya televisheni (TV
80. ** Kufungua benki
81. Kuwa na malori ya kubeba kokoto na mchanga
82. Kuuza vifaa mfano TV, CCTV Camera, n.k
83. Kuwa dalali wa vitu mbalimbali
84. Kuanzisha mradi wa kukodisha fork lift na
winchi (crane)
85. Kuanzisha kiwanda cha kutengeneza viatu.
86. ** Kuanzisha viwanda mbalimbali
87. Duka la vifaa vya simu na gadgets mbalimbali
zinazoendana na mawasiliano ya Vodacom,
88. ** Kujenga Ukumbi wa kukodisha kwa sherehe,
mikutano mbalimbali
89. Kununua matrekta, mitambo ya ujenzi wa
barabara na kukodisha
90. Kutengeneza antenna na kuuza
91. Kufungua mradi wa Machine za kusafisha,
kutoboa na kuchana mbao
92. ** Kufungua mradi wa kuuza vifaa vya Umeme
wa kutumia upepo
93. Biashara ya kuagiza magari
94. Kufanya biashara za Jukebox
95. ** Kukodisha matenki ya maji**
96. Kufungua duka la kuuza Asali
97. Kutengeneza Mikokoteni/ matoroli na kuikodisha
98. Kufungua Duka la vinyago, batiki
99. Kuanzisha huduma ya AIRTEL MONEY, MPESA,
100. ** Kuanzisha sehemu ya kufanyia mazoezi

101. Kununua na kuuza vifaa vya kupima ardhi.
102. Kufungua duka la kuuza dawa (pharmacy).
103. Kufungua Kampuni ya Ulinzi
104. Kufungua kampuni ya "Clearing and fowarding"
105. Kuchezesha vikaragosi
106. Kuuza spea za bajaji, magari na pikipiki
107. Kuuza baiskeli
108. Kuuza magodoro
109. Kuuza vyombo mbalimbali kwa ajili ya matumizi
ya nyumbani mfano bakuli, sahani, vikombe,
110. Kuuza marumaru (limestones)
111. Kuuza kokoto
112. Kuuza mchanga
113. Kufundisha Tuisheni
114. Biashara za bima
115. ** Kampuni ya kusafirisha abiria kwa njia ya
anga (ndege)
116. Biashara za kitalii
117. Biashara za meli na maboti.
118. ** Kampuni ya kuchimba visima
119. Kufungua ofisi ya wakili/mawakili wa
120. Kuuza mkaa
121. Kutengeneza mashine za kutengeneza tofali
122. ** Kampuni ya kupima ardhi
123. Kampuni ya magazeti
124. Kuchapa (printing) magazeti
125. Kuuza magazeti
126. ** Kuchimba mafuta
127. Kiwanda cha kutengeneza mabati
128. Kiwanda cha kutengeneza fanicha
129. Kiwanda cha kutengeneza matairi
130. Kutengeneza vitanda vya chuma
131. ** Kununua nyumba katika Maghorofa
(Apartments) na kuzikodisha.
132. Kukodisha makapeti
133. Kupamba maharusi na kumbi za harusi/sherehe.
134. Mashine ya kusaga na kukoboa nafaka.
135. Kazi ya ususi na kusafisha kucha.
136. Kuuza Gypsum
137. Malori ya kubeba mafuta na Mizigo
138. Duka la kuuza mboga za majani
139. Duka la kuuza maua.
140. Kampuni ya kuzoa takataka
141. Kampuni ya kuuza magari
142. ** Kuuza viwanja
143. Uvuvi
144. Kutengeneza na kuuza nguzo za kujengea fensi
145. Uchoraji wa mabango.
146. Duka la kuuza silaha
147. Ukumbi wa kuonesha mpira
148. Biashara ya mlm (network marketing)
149. ** Yadi kwa ajili ya kupaki magari
150. Mradi wa trekta za kukodisha kwa ajili ya kilimo

Nafasi Ya Kazi ACCRF, Deadline Januari 30

Community Support Officer
The Africa Climate Resilience Fund (ACCRF) finances projects and programmes that help vulnerable communities in Africa adapt to climate change. Initiatives are based on country needs, views and priorities.

The Community Support Officer (CSO) builds and maintains proper relationships between ACCRF and the local community, thus ensuring that project activities meet the needs of the people.
The CSO also mobilizes the community and raises awareness on any programme activities.

Acts as focal point for the community
Mobilizes (Prepares) the community, ensuring that target beneficiaries are fully informed about and involved in decision making in all stages of the programme planning and implementation
Plans, organizes and coordinates sensitization activities (Forums, campaigns etc.) for awareness raising among the community about all programme components (software and hardware) before and during implementation period
Designs and implements capacity-building trainings among the community to help them realize their potential in management and hence take ownership of their development projects.
Organises workshops and focus group discussions in order to work out an acceptable contribution of the community towards various programme components
Coordinates establishment of community projects management committees where it is required
Manages Agriculture and Rain Water Harvesting systems’ contributions: Receives money from ACCRF, keeps proper records and surrenders it to administrator on Monthly basis.

-Academic background in Development studies, Community development, Social work or other relevant field (Diploma and above)
-Previous work experience of at least three years of community liaison/mobilization and sensitization as well as work experience with pastoralist communities.
-Excellent interpersonal and leadership skills including the ability to diplomatically manage the relationship with local stakeholders and the community at large
-Readiness to work and live in a remote location under difficult circumstances; physical and mental strength
-Fluency in English with excellent verbal and written communication skills, knowledge of French/Kiswahili/Portuguese/Arabic would be an asset.

We maintain a drug-free workplace and perform pre-employment substance abuse testing.

To Apply:
If you believe you meet our consideration, please email us your letter of application alongside a detailed Curriculum Vitae with three referees, email and day-time telephone contacts to  with Subject: Community Support Officer
Application Instructions

To Apply: If you believe you meet our consideration, please email us your letter of application alongside a detailed Curriculum Vitae with three referees, email and day-time telephone contacts to  with Subject: Community Support Officer

Job Opportunity: Driver Needed at Hipolite Tanzania (MBEYA) Deadline 13 January 2017

Location: Mbeya
Company; Premium and Hipolite shops
Contract Duration: Three years,
Duties and Responsibilities:
• Drive company goods and employees to designated places when required.
• Responsible for day to day maintenance of office vehicles.
• Perform minor repairs and vehicle inspection before, during and after any trip.
• Follow all organization procedures and standards.
• Ensure proper parking of all organization vehicles.
• Should drive with safety and consider security at all times.
• Report all accidents to the authority and ensure immediate actions required are taken.
• Fulfills special requests of the office by delivering or picking up items as directed.
• Any other duty as may be assigned by the authority.

Competencies and Qualification
• Completion of form four-level with class A,B,D  driving license
• Drivers Instructors Certification is an added advantage
• At least 2 years of work experience as a driver
• Must be fluent in English and Swahili (verbal and written)
• Provide local government proof of ID/residence & No criminal record report
• Willingness to work beyond the call of duty

Application Instructions
Interested and qualified Tanzanians are invited to send their applications attached with cover letter and curriculum vitaeand complete contact details of three referees. All applicants should attach a copy of driving license.

All application should be sent via this email

Deadline for application is not later than 13th January, 2017. 

Only shortlisted applicants will be contacted through their active mobile numbers and email.

For more info contact the manager premium shops
Call 0756 914 481 During working time